Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

The Environmental Impact Assessment Proclamation (No. 299/ 2002) regulates EIA procedures. Investors should liaise with the relevant Regional Environmental Agency in order to get information on the existence of regional directives.

Projects subjects to an EIA

Abattoir construction (with slaughtering capacity of at least 10,000 annually) Airport construction Basic chemicals and chemical products manufacturing factory Cement factory Condominium construction
Construction of roads (with a traffic flow of 1,000 or more) Construction of urban and industrial waste disposal facility Dam and reservoir construction (only if (i) dam height 15 meter or more, or (ii) reservoir storage capacity 3 million m3 or more, or (iii) power generation capacity 10 MW or more) Horticulture and floriculture development (for export) Hospital construction
Industrial zone Installation for the storage of petroleum products (with a capacity of at least 25,000 litres) Irrigation development (if irrigated area of 3,000 ha or more) Metallurgical factory (with a daily production capacity of at least 24,000 kilograms) Mine exploration (if subject to federal government permit)
Paper factory Projects planned to be implemented in or near areas designated as protected Railway construction Sugar refinery Taking fish from lakes on a commercial scale
Tannery Textile factory Tyre factory (with production capacity of at least 15,000 kilograms per day)

Source: Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

Other regulations

Floriculture activities

Farms operating in the floriculture sector have to follow the Council of Ministers regulation 207/2011 to provide the code of practice of the floriculture sector.

Electronic waste

Producers, transporters, collection centers, refurbishers, dismantlers, recyclers of electrical and electronic equipment have to comply with the regulation on the management of electrical and electronic waste.

The regulation applies to the following categories of goods

Automatic dispensers Consumer electrical and electronic equipment

IT and telecommunications equipment

Large household electrical and electronic equipment Leisure and sports electrical and electronic equipment
Lighting equipment Medical electrical and electronic equipment Monitoring and control electrical and electronic equipment Small household electrical and electronic equipment