The main investment law clearly stipulates that “no investment may be expropriated or nationalized except for public interest and then, only in conformity with the requirements of the law” (Investment Proclamation, 769/2012). Bilateral investment treaties signed by Ethiopia reinforce guarantees against expropriation.

A foreign investor is not required to have a local partner. Foreign investors are authorized to fully own their business (100% equity).

Repatriation of capital, dividends and salaries is free of regulation.

Foreigners can apply online. They will get an e-visa.

If the investor has fulfilled all of the requirements, it takes half a day (5 hours).

All land in Ethiopia is considered public property. However, investors can acquire the right to use the land.

The maximum lease holding period varies according to the type of activity and the location.

EIC offers post-investment aftercare services for free.