A strategic priority

The agro-business sector is of the utmost importance for Ethiopia: 80% of the population work in this sector. Consequently, the GoE regularly intervenes in order to boost its development. The government is notably involved in the development of special clusters for horticulture development and integrated agro-industrial parks.

Ethiopia offers sizeable fiscal incentives to investments targeting the agro-business sector.

A world leader

Huge local and foreign markets

With a population of approximately 100 million, the local market is huge. Prospects are excellent: the population increases, each year, by at least 2%.

On top of that, local production can be exported to the developed world (U.S.A, European Union, China, etc.) under preferential conditions.

Target sector

Various investment opportunities exist, especially in the following sub-sectors

Horticulture and floriculture Plantation of cotton, palm tree, rubber tree, coffee, tea, sugarcane Production of cereal crops (wheat, barley,corn, rice and teff) Production of pulses (soya beans, haricot beans, chickpeas, beans and lentils)
Oilseeds (sesame, Niger seeds, canola, linseed, groundnuts and sunflower) Livestock production and livestock transformation Dairy production and dairy transformation Poultry production and poultry transformation Apiculture