A booming sector

Construction is the fastest-growing sector in Ethiopia. In 2015, construction projects in the pipeline were estimated at around USD 20 billion and the growth rate of the sector was around 15.5%.


Addis Ababa: a thriving city

African Union’s headquarters, Addis Ababa

Public infrastructure spending are massive

Since 2010, the Government of Ethiopia (GoE) has made major investments in the energy, transport (road and rail) and telecommunication sectors. Investments in roads are estimated at around 3% of GDP (2010 figures). The construction of a modern tramway in Addis Ababa, funded and assembled by Chinese companies, is one of the most impressive projects.

Ethiopia’s public infrastructure spending, as a percentage of GDP, is the highest in Africa. In October 2018, the GoE announced new road and power supply projects worth USD 7 billion. A few weeks earlier, the national flag carrier Ethiopian Airlines announced the construction of a new airport near Addis Ababa. Its annual capacity will be around 80 million passengers.

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

A new road

A new road

Tax incentives

Firms investing in the following activities are eligible to attractive tax incentives

Construction contracting Real estate development Hotel Architectural works
Electrical products industry Fabricated metal products industry Engineering works