A national strategy

The vision of the Government of Ethiopia (GoE) is to “become the leading manufacturing hub in Africa”.

To support the development of the sector, the GoE plans to build at least 30 industrial parks  ready for plug and play by 2025. The country has already invested around USD 1.3 billion in the construction of 12 parks.

In addition to supplying competitive inputs (low electricity rate, cheap manual labour, etc.), Ethiopia offers sizeable fiscal incentives to investments directed towards the manufacturing sector.

Massive demand

On top of the growing local demand, products “Made in Ethiopia” benefit from preferential entry conditions in the most promising markets (U.S.A, European Union, China, etc.). In 2018, exports to the U.S.A increased by 62%.

Target sectors

The main investment opportunities are in the following sectors

Textile and apparel Leather products
(finished leather, leather
Light machineries manufacturing Electronics